Shortened time-to-market and high software quality can be achieved with agile software development and sophisticated test methods and concepts. This booklet uses ten different test concepts to describe in detail how test planning and implementation might look and how to handle critical situations.

Agile development projects change how software products are tested – generally referred to as agile testing. The focus lies on incorporating testers into agile development processes, taking account of agile principles for testing such as rapid feedback, high automation levels, breaking down rigid test levels, close cooperation in self-organised teams and avoidance of overhead.

The booklet starts by explaining the most important terms and roles in agile software development so that it can then move on to a detailed examination of different test methods such as test-driven development (TDD), acceptance test-driven development (ATDD), behaviour-driven development (BDD) and others. Further chapters deal with aspects such as test planning (including strategy), profiles of agile testers, iterative test activities and success factors.

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