This printable poster in PDF format clearly explains all key features of Angular 2 with TypeScript. Broken down into thirteen sections, it explains the key elements with practical code examples for everyday use and acts as a reminder for rarely used constructs based on a notional ToDoList web app.

Angular 2 is considerably faster than its predecessor Angular 1 and is a practical tool for developing web and mobile apps based on TypeScript and HTML. The large-size poster uses a notional ToDo app to highlight all of the key elements of Angular 2 and explains important components such as modules, directives, templates, pipes, services and dependency injection. Each component is illustrated with practical code examples.

The printed DIN A1 poster is a practical way to get to grips quickly with concepts and components when working with Angular 2, which are only used rarely if at all, and to check the correct syntax – an indispensable aid for all Angular 2 developers.
You can order the poster free of charge here in DIN A1 format.

The PDFs download is currently only available in German language.

Publishing year: 2016
Format: Poster


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