Scalability and performance play a major role when users in their thousands rather than hundreds are using cloud applications. Visually very appealing, the poster in cockpit style illustrates all important aspects relating to performance testing from a business, process and technical perspective.

Even the best applications are rarely used if their performance is not adequate. Developers must therefore use various testing processes to ensure that bottlenecks do not arise and that the solution on the whole allows reasonable scaling.
The large DIN A0 poster designed in cockpit style looks at performance testing from three angles: business view, operational view and process & planning view. It examines the business targets, the development processes and the implementation of the individual performance tests. In addition, it provides tips as to where performance can be honed.

The poster offers a host of tips for anyone who wants to “let fly”. It also attractively adorns any office wall, especially when you order our free DIN A0 copy here for your wall.

The PDFs download is currently only available in German language.


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